Should we bank on 3rd Gen Airpods?

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It wasn’t too long ago that Apple released another version of the Apple Airpods, otherwise known as the second generation Airpods. The Airpods 2 was built with a faster processor, which enables hands free Siri activation, offers longer talk time and a wireless charging option.

Pending the release of the second generation Airpods, we were made to believe that Apple was working on a new model of Airpods slated for 2019, which would come with noise cancelation and water resistance features. As we have seen, the Airpods 2 have neither of those.

Well, recently, rumour has it that Apple may be planning to release two new models of Airpods later this year or early next year – 2020. Although one of the models may be a slight update to the existing model, while the other model may feature major updates and may have a water proof casing and noise cancelation feature. There is also a chance the new Airpods could come in new black colour options…

Now, we do not know if Apple will go through with this or whether it is just what it is – A rumour.

But question is, would you ever consider buying the new models with the fact that they could be ten times more expensive than the current model?

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