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Are the original Airpods worth dumping for the new Airpods 2?

Sometime in March 2019, Apple unveiled Airpods 2 which are believed to be an upgrade of the first generation Airpods, but if you are a first time buyer or you already have a set of the first Airpods and debating whether to upgrade to the new Airpods, there are few things you should have in mind. Well, other than the upgraded features and improvements Apple made for better performance and efficiency, the difference between the two devices aren’t that big. The first generation Airpods runs on W1 chip with Bluetooth 4.2 while Airpods 2 are powered by an upgraded H1 chip which supports Bluetooth 5.0; this however makes connectivity 1.5x faster and switching between devices 2x faster. Both devices still offer up to 5 hours of listening time, but with Airpods 2 H1 chip, you now get an additional hour of talk time and the case provides 24 hours of battery life. To run the new earbuds, your phone needs to be on the latest ios 12.2 while the old earbuds run on iOS 10 or later. Another difference is that, the new Airpods now support Hands-free Hey siri functionality meaning you can use voice commands instead of douple tapping to activate siri. Also, the new earbuds comes with wireless charging, which is optional because there is also the regular charging option that uses a lightning cable; But if you decide to go for the wireless charging option, you would need to buy the Qi wireless charging case differently. And to charge the case, you need to have a charging pad, but there’s also a lightning port on the case, so you can charge with a lightning cable if you can't afford the luxury of a charging pad. Not only can the Qi wireless charging case be used to charge the Airpods 2 that comes with wireless charging, the case is also compatible with the first generation Airpods, this means that other than the lightning cable, the wireless charging case works just fine in charging the old earbuds. So now you can see that the changes aren’t that big other than the wireless charging, improved battery life and hands-free “Hey, Siri”. So unless you fancy the upgrades and have extra cash to spend, we suggest you stick with the old Airpods.