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Google Assistant will now read out & reply to messages on WhatsApp and other Apps

Google Assistant is what Siri is to Apple, or what Cortana is to Microsoft; a voice assistant tool that offers voice commands, voice searching, etc. enabling you carry out a number of tasks without reaching for your phone.  Recently, according to reports, Google will be releasing updates to the App to enable it read and respond to messages on third party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack among others. This feature has long being available on Google Assistance, but was only limited to text messages. Well now, Google Assistant can read your messages aloud, tell you what App they came from and ask you to reply either via voice or by typing it out directly. When replying, Google Assistant visual card shows you a preview of the message, the name of the contact, and the app it will reply with. However, to get started on this, you need to let Google access your notifications.