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Huawei is working on its version of Google Maps

Shortly after the US ban saga, it seems the company is really determined to maintain/achieve some level of independence. The Chinese tech giant however has confirmed that it is working on its own mapping service called Map Kit - an alternative to Google Maps. Currently, Huawei cannot use Google services, including Google Maps, in its smartphones. Actually, the company cannot use US technologies without some sort of special approval from US govt. This is why it has been taking initiatives to stand on its own. According to the Chinese media, Map Kit is not directly for consumer use, but rather a tool for software developers to harness the software capabilities. Map Kit will reportedly offer real-time traffic conditions, lane change recognition, and augmented reality features. It will be connected to local mapping services, cover 150 countries and regions, and be available in 40 languages.

Google to add auto-delete feature to location history & web activity

In a bid to improve security and privacy, Google decided to add an auto delete tool that will enable Google account users to clear their web browsing, app activity and location history data after a period of time. The Google’s Location History feature was designed to let users track their online activity and data. However, with this new feature, users will be able to manage their data by selecting how long they want it to be saved for. The options are from 3 months to eighteen months; within this period, you can either have your data deleted automatically or do it manually.