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Google Meet Gets AI Noise Cancellation Feature

Back in April, Google announced that it would be introducing a noice cancellation feature to its video conferencing app. Now as we have it, we get to see the feature being showcased via a demo video by G Suiteā€™s director of product management, Serge Lachapelle, which means users should anticipate the release very soon as its still currently a work in progress. The feature, also referred to as the 'Denoiser' uses a machine learning model that is capable of understanding the difference between noise and speech. In the video, Lachapelle also revealed that the noise-cancelling feature can also filter out other background distractions such as dogs barking, kids crying, and applause. To filter out background noise, users voice is sent from the device to a Google data centre, which is where it goes through the machine learning model. Once the processing is completed, it gets re-encrypted and sent back to the Google Meet call. The feature will be made available by the end of June and is expected to roll out first to Web users, followed by Android and ios users. Users are to enable noise cancellation on Google meet by going to > Google Meet > settings > select audio > tap on noise cancellation toggle to enable or disable.