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The iOS 14 Experience: Here’s Everything In Store

At the WWDC 2020 virtual developers conference, Apple officially unveiled iOS 14 - the next version of its operating system. News is that if your iPhone is running iOS 13 or you're using iPhone 6s or later, then you'll be able to upgrade to the new software. So what's new in iOS 14? Let's take a look at the bunch of new features iPhones would be receiving. App Library iOS 14 comes with a new home screen that houses the new App Library feature. The App Library is placed at the end of the home screens, and it automatically organizes your apps based on categories, and into folders that shows your most recently used apps, recently added apps, and suggested apps for quick accessibility. You can easily launch any app with a tap without needing to open the folder first. The folders are categorized by social, health & fitness etc. With the new home screen, you can now hide or remove apps that you don't want visible on the home screen, but you'll still be able to find them later in the app library. You can as well eliminate an entire screen if you want. App clips These are mini apps (i.e small parts of specific apps) that are easily accessible and can be quickly used without installing, downloading or going through the sign in process of the full app. In other words, the functionality is such that allows you to use specific apps without having to download or install the apps. App clips are integrated with Apple pay. Users can access app clips by scanning a new Apple-designed App Clip code, or through NFC tags and QR codes, or by having them shared in Messages, or from Safari. Picture-in-Picture When watching a video or making a FaceTime call, users can navigate to other applications, and the video will continue to play in a little box on your screen. Users can also move the video around the screen or off the screen, while the audio will continue to play. Improved Siri Interface Siri will no longer takeover your full screen when triggered. It has been upgraded to simply show the animation in the bottom part of the screen, and notifications will now appear at the top of your screen. Along with these, Siri will be getting a translation function, with live conversation support. New Home Screen Widgets Referred to as more data rich, the functionality is said to come in different sizes and can be used…