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Things to check out for before buying a pre-owned (Used) laptop

If perhaps you’ve decided to buy a used laptop, the biggest mistake you could make is not checking the condition of the components of the laptop before taking it home. The seller might have told you the product has been tested and is void of damages, but before dropping your hard-earned cash, make sure you take a minute to do a proper test drive. The last thing you want is for the laptop you just purchased to develop issues days later. So, here are the major things you need to check for before paying for a used laptop. The screen hinges: the screen should feel sturdy and stay open on its own at any angle without falling. If it feels loose, then it is probably because the hinges are damaged.Wi-Fi: To make sure the Wi-Fi works, try connecting to a network and browsing the internet.Keyboard: To check the functionality of the keyboard, open a word processing software like notepad and type out every character to ensure there are no stuck keys, and keys that either type repeatedly or incorrectly.Test the volume of the laptop to make sure the speakers are in good condition.Plug your headphones to test the headphone jack and try jiggling the headphones around a bit to be sure the jack is stable and not broken.Do the same with the power connector (charger) – jiggle it a bit to be sure the power connection doesn’t trip off and on at intervals.Check the USB ports to ensure that none is broken or damaged (you can do that with a USB cable or flash drive). You should also make sure your chosen laptop has the specific ports you need.Test the webcam – do this by launching the feature to see if it works perfectlyCheck the battery cycle – most laptop batteries get worn out over time, however, you can generate a battery report to know the status of your battery. Check for dents or scratches on the body of the laptop, especially the screen area. If you find any on the screen, there’s a probability that the screen is liable to get damaged. And finally, ask if the laptop comes with a warranty. You should get at least a week's warranty on a used laptop if you are buying from a dealer.

Computer Village Saga!

Recently, the Police apprehended a notorious Phone dealer Yusuf Da Silver a.k.a Da gold, whose specialty was to buy stolen phones from armed robbers and sell to consumers in computer village. He confessed that he buys over 30 phones a week and made between N25000 and N30000 daily. If you are conversant with Computer village, you would know the hub has been in existence focompiterr a long time, it is where most people shop for brand new and used phones, laptops, gadgets etc. and go to for repairs. However, the hub has quite a notorious reputation. It is where dubious traders, fraudsters and scammers make a business from scamming and selling fake and stolen items to consumers. We’ve heard many stories about people who unknowingly buy cloned phones or phones implanted with ‘Fufu’ or bricks. So if you are not smart enough, you will definitely fall victim to these fraudsters. Although unfortunately, Nigerians really like ‘awoof’ (freebies), and this is another reason why they fall victim to the schemes of these fraudsters, mostly because they come looking for cheap deals and end up patronizing the wrong source. When the value of a phone is about a hundred bucks and someone offers you half or quarter the price, not only should you be suspicious of the dealer and the product being a counterfeit, you should also bear in mind that the item might have been stolen. However, dealing with such people unknowingly could still get you in big trouble; you could get arrested and jailed. Anyway, to avoid being defrauded by the computer village sharks, we strongly advice that you buy directly from registered and reliable stores and beware of patronizing street sellers who lurk around the market and try to persuade you to follow them to a location.    

Get These New Features When You Install Windows 10 Update V1903

This new version of windows 10 update is actually the 7th update the company will be making since the release of Windows 10 in 2015. Before you install this update of the windows 10, check out the cool features and improvements that you’ll find in this version:   New Light Theme: This can be enabled in color settings by selecting the light option dropdown box to choose preferred color Windows Sandbox: A new security feature that allows you to run untrusted apps in an isolated environment without harming your system. This feature is actually only available for windows 10 pro users. Cortana and Search are Separate: The search experience have been updated with a landing page. Pause Windows Updates: Although windows 10 pro users already have access to this feature, now home users can pause updates from downloading and installing automatically for up to seven days. Brightness Control from Action Center: This means that the brightness of your screen can now be adjusted quickly from the Action Center. Reserved storage for applications, temporary files and system caches Recommended troubleshooting: which allows windows to 10 to adjust your settings to match your hardware configuration, make specific changes and fix problems automatically. Mouse customization: The windows 10 update also allows you to customize your mouse pointers to your preferred color and size.   These are just the major features of the windows 10 update, there are other features such as; Automatic active hours, Quick access to symbols and more.