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Google Drive gets Face ID and Touch ID Authentication Support for iOS & iPadOS

For the extra protection and security for your personal files and documents, Google drive received a new privacy feature tagged 'Privacy Screen' which requires a Face ID or Touch ID authentication when launching the app. The feature gets activated as soon as switch to another app - but you can choose to have it delayed by 10 seconds, 1 minute or 10 minutes. Privacy screen isn't 100% foolproof as Google said the it may not protect your Drive notifications, certain Siri functionality, files shared with files app, photo shared with photos app, as well as other system functionality. To enable privacy screen, first install the update for Google Drive app on the App Store, launch the app and go to Settings > Privacy screen and enable the feature. You can also set the delay time based on your choice. The new feature is part of the latest 4.2020.18204 build which also brings bug fixes and performance improvements.