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Samsung Tab A 8.0 and Tab A 10.1 Receive Android 10, One U.I 2 Update

We've seen how recently Samsung Tablets S6, S5e, and S4 got the latest iteration of Samsung's software Android 10 with One U.I 2.1. Now, news reports indicates that Samsung is rolling out its latest Android version to its budget tier tablets - particularly the 2019 models - Tab A 8.0 and Tab A 10.1. However, what is unclear is if these models will be receiving the One U.I 2.1 or not. The update is limited to the LTE variants of these devices in which the software build comes in version P205DXU5BTFB for the Tab A 8.0, while the Tab 10.1 is getting the new software build T515XXU4BTFK. Both releases also brings right on track the July 2020 security patches. For the WiFi variants, users are to patiently anticipate, as the update may come to them in coming days. But if you have the LTE models, you can manually check for the new software by heading to Settings > Software update > then select Download and install. And If the update isn't available after checking, you might need to wait and check back a few days later.