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Huawei Ban – U.S companies now allowed to continue selling to Huawei

  Apparently the U.S government and the Chinese government have settled their dispute regarding the trade ban. For those that were never aware, sometime in May, the United State President Trump placed a ban on Companies from doing business with Huawei due to claims of threats on national security. This was quite a setback for the Chinese tech giant, although, they now their own software. We guess they had anticipated an occurrence of this magnitude. However, the ban on selling of U.S tech and equipment to Huawei is being lifted as Trump announced on Saturday, that "US companies can once again sell their equipment to Huawei," as long as the transactions won't present a "great, national emergency problem." Also we learnt that this reprieve also applies to being able to acquire basic components like Qualcomm processors and Google’s Android OS. This is definitely good news and a relief for Huawei phone users that have been in a state of panic since the ban.