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WhatsApp Adds Animated Stickers, Qr Codes, Video Call Improvements and More

WhatsApp for iPhone, Android, KaiOS, and the Web based Version will be getting a bunch of new features and improvements. Most of these features are already being widely used in apps like Telegram, iMessage, and WeChat. So it was right about time for the Facebook owned app to finally adapt the upgrades. For Android and iPhone, WhatsApp will be rolling out animated stickers along with Qr Codes and group video call improvements. The Web version will be getting a dark mode while WhatsApp for KaiOS will finally be receiving the status feature. With the Qr code feature, users will now be able to quickly add a new contact to their phone book. For this all you'll need to do is to scan the other device's Qr code, this eliminates the need, or saves the stress of having to manually enter the phone number as previously done. Group video calls have also been improved to allow you to maximize (enlarge) the feed of any participant during a group call. Apart from that, a new icon will be added to group chats with up to 8 participants, so with a click on this icon, you will be able to start a video call directly with all 8 participants at once instead of having them dialed individually, since that is the maximum limit of participants for a group video call anyway. Another feature is the stickers for WhatsApp which, will now be animated as WhatsApp will soon be rolling out its own animated sticker packs within the app. The Web based Version of WhatsApp will also be getting its dark mode while WhatsApp for KaiOS will now feature the story support that will allow users to share status updates. Dark mode for desktop, group video call improvements, and status in KaiOS are currently rolling out while animates stickers and QR codes for profiles will be coming in a few weeks. Head to this source for more details

WhatsApp Gets Facebook Room Integration In Latest Beta

A month ago, Facebook launched its video conferencing platform - Facebook room - to compete with the likes of Zoom, Skype and other video service platforms - and the feature went live just about a few days ago. According to a report by WABetainfo, Facebook has integration Messenger Room in WhatsApp for Android in the 2.20.163 beta version. This integration brings a 'Room' icon in the sharing menu inside a WhatsApp chat and it directs you to the messenger app where you can navigate to either create or join a room. There's also a shortcut to creating a messenger room which you can access from the 'calls' tab on WhatsApp. For now Messenger Room Integration is only available to WhatsApp beta users in a limited number of countries but it is expected to reach other countries gradually. 

What to expect with WhatsApp Self-Destruct Message Feature

As you know, the self-destruct feature was released last year and made accessible to WhatsApp. However, only group chats could leverage the benefits of this feature, meaning that it was never made available to private messages or chats between two individuals. But as we have it, reports now suggests that WhatsApp is working on expanding this feature to private conversations/chats as well. Although, only devices with the latest WhatsApp Beta version - 2. 20.84 will be the first to test this feature. So, if you are not a beta version user, this means that you would have to wait until the feature is released generally. About the self-destruct feature, its focus or purpose is to provide a level of security and privacy to concerned users. The feature will supposedly give users the option of getting rid of messages within a period of time. This may seem similar to the already existing delete message options, but it is quite different - because this time, there will be a timer option which would allow you set when exactly you want your message or messages deleted. The timer option could be set to an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. By default, the feature will be set to off, which means you will be required to activate the feature and set the timer yourself. Once activated, a clock icon right next to your message(s) and read receipts will appear and signify the time frame your message(s) will disappear. According to reports, it is a feature that is still under development, however the certainty of it being released is what we are not quite sure of.

You can now share WhatsApp Status on Facebook Story

Back in June, WhatsApp started testing a way to let users share their status to Facebook and Instagram. Well, it seems it has been achieved as the option to share whatsapp status to facebook story is now available. So if you are currently on the recent version of WhatsApp, you should have already received the feature. Now when you post a WhatsApp status, you'll see a 'Share to Facebook' option under your status that let's you share directly to your Facebook story. If you tap the share button, you'll also see a couple of apps that you can share your status with. If you've received this feature, let us know your thoughts on it.

Get ready to start unlocking WhatsApp with your Fingerprint

Right now, the feature is only available to those using WhatsApp Beta App. Although around February, WhatsApp rolled out the authentication feature for iOS users, making it possible to unlock the App using Touch ID. Android Beta users running version 2.19.221 can now catch in on the feature by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock to enable the new feature.  When enabled, you will then be able to unlock WhatsApp with your fingerprint. Enabling this new feature provides extra security for your chats, and WhatsApp uses Android biometric authentication APIs, which means you don’t have to worry about Facebook or any third party app having access to your fingerprint data. When the feature is enabled, you will need to use your fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp every time you launch the app, however, you can set a timer for it to lock automatically – you can either set it to after 1 minute or after 30 minutes. Also, the fingerprint lock feature has a Show Content in Notification option that enables users to answer WhatsApp calls, preview and respond to messages or hide messages from the notification panel even when the Fingerprint lock is enabled.

WhatsApp tests feature to enable sharing of status to Facebook story

Isn't this exciting? WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow users to share their status directly to their stories on Facebook and on other Facebook owned apps including; Instagram, Gmail, and Google photos. This doesn’t imply that your WhatsApp ID will be linked to your Facebook account, as the company is making use of the standard iOS and Android data-sharing APIs. So when sharing is done on Facebook and other apps, data is only being transferred, which means that your posts will be regarded as separate events in Facebook’s systems, and will not be linked. Also, this sharing integration feature is not automatic but will be activated manually, meaning, it is left to users to decide whether they want to use the feature or not. The sharing option however will be placed underneath your status on WhatsApp.

Facebook Bans Pre-installation of Apps on Huawei Phones

Huawei Phones will no longer come with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Apps   It wasn’t that long ago that U.S banned its companies from supplying technology to Huawei and also using its equipment, and Google has also said earlier that it would no longer provide Android software and services for Huawei phones starting from August. Earlier today, the Chinese tech giant received another blow as it learned that Facebook will no longer allow pre-installation of its apps on Huawei phones – this ban covers Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and the main Facebook App. However, this ban applies to only future phones that Huawei will bring into the market. People that are already using Huawei phones still have access to Facebook app and its subsidiaries. Facebook have said that although it is stopping pre-installation of apps on Huawei phones, it will however keep providing updates to existing Huawei users. Huawei phone users that do not have Facebook and subsidiary apps already preinstalled can still download the apps from Google Play store. Although, this option will no longer be available from August, which is when Google’s restriction on its software will come in play.

WhatsApp urges users to urgently update App following a Spyware attack

WhatsApp has urged its 1.5 billion users to update the App as quickly as possible after it discovered a vulnerability that allowed a Spyware developed by hackers to be installed on users phone via the App's audio call feature. According to reports, once installed, the Spyware allegedly developed by Israeli Cyber Intelligence Company, NSO Group, can turn on the phone's camera and microphone, listen in on your audio call, invade your mail box and messages, collect information about the user's location data or completely take over your phone's operating system. Hence WhatsApp users are advised to update the app via Playstore on Android devices or via Apple store on iPhones.