What to expect with WhatsApp Self-Destruct Message Feature

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As you know, the self-destruct feature was released last year and made accessible to WhatsApp. However, only group chats could leverage the benefits of this feature, meaning that it was never made available to private messages or chats between two individuals. But as we have it, reports now suggests that WhatsApp is working on expanding this feature to private conversations/chats as well.

Although, only devices with the latest WhatsApp Beta version – 2. 20.84 will be the first to test this feature. So, if you are not a beta version user, this means that you would have to wait until the feature is released generally.

About the self-destruct feature, its focus or purpose is to provide a level of security and privacy to concerned users.

The feature will supposedly give users the option of getting rid of messages within a period of time. This may seem similar to the already existing delete message options, but it is quite different – because this time, there will be a timer option which would allow you set when exactly you want your message or messages deleted. The timer option could be set to an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year.

By default, the feature will be set to off, which means you will be required to activate the feature and set the timer yourself. Once activated, a clock icon right next to your message(s) and read receipts will appear and signify the time frame your message(s) will disappear.

According to reports, it is a feature that is still under development, however the certainty of it being released is what we are not quite sure of.

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