iOS 14 Experience:What Updates are Coming to Your Airpods Pro?

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It’s been over a month since the release of the firmware version 2D15 for Apple’s Airpods Pro. However, at the WWDC 2020 developers event, Apple announced a couple of new features coming to the Airpods Pro. It revealed that it would be adding a new¬†auto-switching feature for¬†seamless switching between audio sources (exclusively on Apple devices), and a Spatial Audio feature to the wireless Earbuds which will create a virtual surround sound experience when watching video or audio tracks that support Dolby 5.1/7.1

It seems the upgrade is coming with the new software version 2D27 that Apple has just released. Although this update is not clear on the changes or improvements that are made to the wireless earbuds since Apple doesn’t publish release notes for its earbuds, but the true wireless buds will most likely address some bug fixes and overall performance improvements.

Another thing about software updates for Airpods is that they come automatically installed, this means that there is no way for users to manually install the updates. The updates occur only when the Airpods Pro is in its charging case and connected/paired to the iPhone device.

However, to check the current firmware version your Earbuds is running on, on your iOS device, head to settings app > general > about > airpods.

Users with Airpods Pro running on the previous version should begin to see the updates installed into their device. So check out for it!

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