WhatsApp Adds Animated Stickers, Qr Codes, Video Call Improvements and More

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WhatsApp for iPhone, Android, KaiOS, and the Web based Version will be getting a bunch of new features and improvements. Most of these features are already being widely used in apps like Telegram, iMessage, and WeChat. So it was right about time for the Facebook owned app to finally adapt the upgrades.

For Android and iPhone, WhatsApp will be rolling out animated stickers along with Qr Codes and group video call improvements. The Web version will be getting a dark mode while WhatsApp for KaiOS will finally be receiving the status feature.

With the Qr code feature, users will now be able to quickly add a new contact to their phone book. For this all you’ll need to do is to scan the other device’s Qr code, this eliminates the need, or saves the stress of having to manually enter the phone number as previously done.

Group video calls have also been improved to allow you to maximize (enlarge) the feed of any participant during a group call. Apart from that, a new icon will be added to group chats with up to 8 participants, so with a click on this icon, you will be able to start a video call directly with all 8 participants at once instead of having them dialed individually, since that is the maximum limit of participants for a group video call anyway.

Another feature is the stickers for WhatsApp which, will now be animated as WhatsApp will soon be rolling out its own animated sticker packs within the app. The Web based Version of WhatsApp will also be getting its dark mode while WhatsApp for KaiOS will now feature the story support that will allow users to share status updates.

Dark mode for desktop, group video call improvements, and status in KaiOS are currently rolling out while animates stickers and QR codes for profiles will be coming in a few weeks.

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