YouTubers may take a hit as YouTube replaces workers with automated systems

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In order to ensure the health and safety of its workers amidst the coronavirus Pandemic, the video streaming platform – YouTube decided it was best for its staffers to stay at home in order to limit the spread of the virus.

It announced that for the time being, it will start relying on automated systems for the review and regulation of videos uploaded on the platform. Prior to this, the company depended on the combination of its workers and the automated systems for the review of uploaded content. But, as a result of this safety measures for its workforce, the AI systems will start removing some content without human review.

This decision may affect Youtubers in the sense that there may be an increased number of video removals, including videos that may not violate policies, and this in turn could lead to a reduction in monetization. But, according to statement made by the platform, content creators can make an appeal if they think their content does not violate the platform’s policy and was mistakenly removed, however, responses to these appeals may be delayed, as only a few workers would be available to attend to such matters.

The company ensured that eligible creators will still be able to monetize videos and that updates on monetization of coronavirus-related videos shared last week will not be affected. Read full article here.


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